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New Moisture Monitor Could Help Speed Up REO Rehab

Kristin Campbell

September 6, 2006

MonitorBot, a soon-to-be-released moisture monitoring system, could help speed the process of mold removal or the rehabilitation of an REO property that was perhaps intentionally flooed.

Once the MonitorBot system is installed in a proeprty, it provides remote monitoring of humidity and moisture levels.

"Service providers need to spend more time fixing problems caused by floodind, and less time doing routine checks on the conditions in properties they serve," said Time Bruffey, president and originator of the MonitorBot system.

MonitorBot is designed for companies that provide residential or commercial disaster or repair services, such as flood or water cleanup, drying, dehumidification, deodorization, and buidling stablization.  It was specifically created for use by The ServiceMaster Company, a disaster restoration provider, but could also be used by other proeprty managment servicers.  The system was developed by MonitorBot, Inc, wireless sensor designer Sensicast Systems, and B&B Electronics, a building controls product manufacturer.

MonitorBot consists ofa wireless monitor pack that is install inside a property.  The information is tend sent through a phone line to a web browser where, it can be accessed online.  After installation, MonitorBot monitors conditions remotely from any computer with an Internet connection. The kits come in two sizes and range in price from $2,000 to $3,500.  The kit can then be used in an endless number of properties, for $25 per job, which typically last about three to seven days.

The system is currently being tested and is scheduled to be available within the next three months.